Korpi Natural and Mineral water - Manolis

A donation full of love! At March 8th, at Ippokratio Hospital of Thessaloniki took place the press conference for the donation of the new medical equipment to the children clinic’s renal laboratory, on behalf of the ‘Open Arms’ of the Friends of Social Child Medicine and Medicine. More precisely they were given an infra-red spectrograph and a special microscope that will support the children clinic’s renal laboratory. The donation was made from Korpi Water.

In this donation’s context, having as a moto ‘Korpi, a source of love’, Korpi water had special packaging of its products, thanking the consumers for their trust and inviting them to support (without buying any product) this giant donation of ‘Open Arms’ of the Friends of Social Child Medicine and Medicine to Ippokratio Hospital of Thessaloniki. A television film was made by Korpi, in order to spread the news of this donation, that will be on the TV at the end of the month.