For 5th year, Korpi Natural and Mineral water organized the Water’s Care Festival, in the context of International Water Day (22 of March). During this year’s festival 90 students participated, that afterwards had a guided tour at Korpi factory and enjoyed educational and entertaining activities.

The children learned how important and necessary water is for the survival of every creature on the planet. They realized that water is very precious because, even if it covers the biggest part of our body and of our planet, in reality we can use only a small amount of it. Teachers and Nestlé employees helped throughout the activities which were introduced by Project Wet Foundation, a Non Governmental Organization that aims at helping children realize the importance of water. Project Wet Foundation cooperates with other organizations that work on water issues, as well as with USA Peace Corps, UNESCO, International Union of Water resources, etc. Nestlé Waters is one of its main members since 1992. On an international level, in 2014 the international Water day is celebrated in 30 countries. Almost 15,000 students participate, while more than 500 employees help in different ways.