We salute the International Environment Day with a glass of Korpi water! There would be no better way to celebrate nature itself!

Korpi water represents nature itself, as it has been under no treatment, on the contrary, it is offered just as nature as it comes and has many advantages to the body. Its origin is the best guarantee of its quality. It origins directly from the protected Akarnanian mountains, an area free of urban waste, and it comes to the consumers, having the quality characteristics that none other bottled water has. It is crystal, with delicate and sweet taste.
Therefore, it could not abstain from participating in the celebration of the international environment day. Korpi will distribute at selling points a particular text that aims at making people sensible towards the environment and introducing them into action. It gives easily followed and already known advice that everyone can do, even under everyday pressure.

Recycling, tree planting, respecting and keeping the environment clean is some of it. So few things if someone considers what nature offers to human, such as Korpi Water, the gift of nature to human, as written in its signature. A gift we all have to value.

It is everyday that we must celebrate the international environment day…by drinking Korpi Water!