7 ways to waking-up healthy and full of energy!

You think that you’re ready to begin your day only after drinking coffee, but this is far from real. It is only after adopting a healthy daily routine that you’ll be able to be full of energy during the day.

1. Wake up by letting the sunshine in your room by the window. Sunlight is the only light that can wake you up, by sending the right messages to your body.

2. You may like staying in bed long after you have woken up by repeating “5 more minutes”, but experts insist on leaving the bed a few minutes after opening your eyes. What is more, it is recommended to make a little jump when leaving the bed. This will allow an immediate blood circulation!

3. As soon as you leave your bed, take an exercise routine that you prefer. Run around your neighborhood or at the nearby park; try a few minute yoga training or a quick cardio exercise. In this way, your cells will be properly wakened up and blood circulation will be well enhanced.

4. Have a rich in coconut oil breakfast. It is proven that it offers high doses of energy that is quickly absorbed, compared to other food. You can find coconut oil at any bio-store.

5. Enjoy a breakfast rich in proteins, also. This will prevent you from getting hungry until the next meal. In the morning, we can enjoy bigger amounts of food, without thinking of calories!

6. Take a shower. Let the water refresh you by switching it from cold to hot multiple times for better results.