7 tips that will help you continue your diet.

Thinking of quitting your diet? Think twice. Adopt these healthy eating habits that will transform your body making you ready for the beach.

Follow the tips below to reach your goal

1. Drink water.Researches show that just a 1% increase of water drinking can decrease the calories you take. ( about 10kcal/total amount of calories).

2. Have many small meals during the day.Don’t leave yourself hungry. Try eating in small, separate meals (healthy ones!). Experts underline that 4-5 meals per day help you control your appetite as well as your weight easily.

3. Breakfast: the most important meal.The key to success is beginning your day with a tasty meal. A bowl of cereals or 2-3 slices of bread topped with free sugar jelly can prevent you from getting hungry for hours.

4. Enjoy your favorite dishes.You cannot stop eating your most favorite food! Try to replace each of these tasty but harmful foods and slowly change the frequency and the amount that you eat, instead.

5. Add proteins to your meals. Foods rich in proteins help at keeping away the feeling of hunger. Moreover, they enforce metabolism so as it burns fat.

6. Check out your weight on a weekly basis. Put a goal every week. As long as this is done, you just have to notice your weekly progress. Remember to follow a program regarding the day that you weigh, the scale itself, even the clothes that you wear every time!

7. Take a rest. Kids thrive on sleep-so are you. The feeling of hunger and the demand for food come from the lack of energy as well as from being tired. In other words, they make you consume big amount of food without really needing it.

If all this fail to help you, maybe you have to take things more seriously. 

 *Source:  British dietetic association, http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/jhn.12368/abstract