Syros.. A summer destination you need to visit.

Having Ermoupoli as its capital, is one of the most beautiful and live islands of the Cyclades. There are many things to visit, see and do at any time of the year. One thing’s sure: you will have a great time!

Like all Cyclades, Syros has beautiful golden sandy beaches, with blue waters. We love the romantic Kini on the west, the cospopolite Galissa and the most remote beach of Santorinioi for the nature lovers.

Syros is full of historical buildings of great architecture, like the Apollo theatre (a model of Milan’s La Scala), the Hall of the City, the white houses and the countless stairs of Ano Syros, the northern part of the city. Visitors will be enchanted and impressed. Syros is perfect for those who do not own a vehicle, as it has a wide net of transports with buses that take you at any point of the island.

The beat of the island is at Ermoupoli. ‘Jar’ is the perfect choice for breakfast and/or brunch. Situated in the small picturesque streets of the city, has the amazing home-made lemonade that you must taste before leaving!

‘Kouchico’ is known for the most inspired cocktails and the best music of the island. Spending a night there will be for sure a moment to remember! (They also offer cute little blankets for you, in case that gets chilly!)

Conclusion: Syros is the ideal destination for a long vacation, for a weekend or…why not, for permanent stay!

Photo taken by: Stefanos Mamidis ©