Athens’s best cheese pie!

There exist shops in Athens that seem being there forever. At least they are, since long before you were born. It’s their history and the fact that they managed to stay alive while keeping their quality and clients through difficult periods that make you want to rediscover them. 

Mam, situated at the corner of Stadiou and Pesmazoglou street, is one of them. It is so tiny a shop that it is possible that you won’t notice it, if you’re not aware of its exact position or if you haven’t ever heard of it.  It has been almost 6 decades that it is the most famous among -the so many- other cheese pie shops which, unlike Mam, hardly manage to reach its popularity!

Its success secret is the quality of its products, based on pure and natural ingredients and made in its own shop.

It is not an ordinary shop that uses big refrigerators full of pies made the days before. Here, everything is fresh, baked each day therefore so tasty! That is why so many people flood the shop each day, most of the times making a long queue outside so as to get their favorite pies!

You should visit it and ask for a kourou cheese pie, after a long walk at the centre of the city that will allow you feel the vibe of Athens’s heart. Once you taste it, you’ll understand the generous dose of cheese and the quality of fyllo that won’t make your stomach suffer! You can enjoy it with a bottle of water. Its taste will surprise you and make you reconsider the idea of the perfect cheese pie! Mam is a guarantee and we are more than sure that you’ll go back for another one!
Mam will be the new thing you’ll get obsessed of!