Water and Health - Hydration Tips

Water is vital for your skin and its lack lead to dull and sensitive complex. If your body doesn’t receive enough water, it’s your skin that will suffer the most. Here are some tips so as to avoid this bad effect.

  • Drink water before you get thirsty. Thirst is a sign of dehydration!
  • You need at least 2litres of water per day so as to maintain the right levels of your physical and intellectual abilities. Begin and end your day by drinking water, because during sleeping your body dehydrates.
  • Put a reminder on every 1 hour. Your watch or your computer will remind you to drink at least a glass of water (200ml) so as at the end of your 8-hour-work you’ll already have drunk 1,6litres!
  • Help your children get used to drinking water starting from an early age.
  • Do not replace water to soft drinks or sugar beverages.
  • Put a small bottle of water in your kid’s schoolbag. It is only when one’s correctly hydrated that they can respond adequately to the physical and mental daily needs.
  • A glass of water should accompany every meal of your child. Refill it once it is empty and put it near its plate!

It is recommended to drink at least 2,5lt per day in order to get every single advantage of drinking water!

See how well hydrated you are, by taking the test here!