How to take care of your body after the beach

Sun, sea, sand…summer! It is argued that summer is an extreme sport for your body. Check out how you can take good care of yourself, so as the holiday beauty effect can last forever!

After long exposure to the sun and the sea, your hair suffers and it is easily understood: It is dull and unruly, no matter what you did to protect them. If you want bright, soft and easily brushing hair, follow the advice below.
Before washing, leave for about 30 minutes’ dry oil on your hair. It is recommended that you use a high moisturizing one, coconut oil for instance. After washing, replace the conditioner with a moisturizing hair mask, rinse and let them dry naturally. For extra care, apply a few drops of dry oil again.

Your face’s the first body part that suffers from long sun and sea exposure. Therefore, you must immediately restore its moisture so as to soothe and protect your skin from early aging.
Get an appropriate after sun cream with repairing action that moisturizes the skin, or apply aloe Vera which is easily found in a simple pharmacy. Beware of well rinsing your skin, in order to make the salt leave, then, apply any repairing cream or other product. Repeat as many times as needed. Do not forget that it is crucial (not only for the face but for the entire body as well) to be adequately hydrated and especially to drink as much water as possible.

The sun, the sweat and the salt alongside with the products used at the beach damage your hair, making them dull, rough and dehydrated. It’s your body’s way to make you understand its need of moisturizing so as to cover the lack of water; it is the water that gives your body brightness and health.
For starters you must take the water you have lost, begging from the inside: hydrate as much as possible, especially drink water. Do not forget to apply an after sun cream or hydrating oil all over your body and try not to wear any clothes until it is fully absorbed.

Trying the –more than affordable- tips above, we guarantee that you’ll get to see your skin shine from day to day!