Grandmother’s Beauty Secrets

It seemed so positive that was annoying. “when you grow up, you’ll understand”, she responded always, while she was narrating stories and giving precious advice, always staring directly at your eyes and using a peculiar vocabulary, that, in the end, you were convinced that you were listening to a long time very well kept secret.

Now that you’re grown up, this advice you once neglected, is your daily routine. You follow every single step your grandmother told you concerning your personal care. Because, after all, this advice was neither positive nor annoying.

Here, you’ll find 4 of the most important beauty advice that you’ll surely use. Write them down because who knows? Maybe you’ll feel like passing them to your grandkids one day

1. Olive Oil
There’s no doubt that it is on the list with the top 5 products which are necessary both in the kitchen and in your beauty bag. Ideal for face, lips, hair, body…a real beauty expert! Here’s a reason to reconsider taking care of those family olive trees

2. Lemon
Gives you bright and shining smile, right away! Put some lemons drops and salt on a toothbrush, apply and…voilà!  What is more, it is ideal for removing the yellow stains left on your nails because of smoking or bad nail polish. Trust it!

3. Milk
Milk is the solution to tired eyes, even after a fully charged period. Put on your eyes cottons moistened with cold milk. Leave them on for a while more black circles!

4. Vinegar
Shoes, high temperatures, standing around are some of the reasons why your feet are in pain. Relieve them by putting them in hot water and vinegar. Despite the bas smell –you can add some scented oils- the result will surprise you!

Still in search of your grandmother’s biggest beauty secret?

Drink as much as possible! Seems difficult? Put an alarm, a reminder, a smartphone application that will put you in program, ask a colleague to remind you at the office…

Last but not least...Smile!

Smile is almost as healing and worths as much as all of the advice above combined!

You’ll absolutely love regaining the fresh and healthy complex that you had in your 20’s, while your grandmother will love, in her turn, to see you glow!