How to take care of your body after the beach
Sun, sea, sand…summer! It is argued that summer is an extreme sport for your body. Check out how you can take good care of yourself, so as the holiday beauty effect can last forever! Read more >>
Grandmother’s Beauty Secrets
It seemed so positive that was annoying. “when you grow up, you’ll understand”, she responded always, while she was narrating stories and giving precious advice, always staring directly at your eyes and using a peculiar vocabulary, that, in the end, you were convinced that you were listening to a long time very well kept secret. Read more >>
Syros.. A summer destination you need to visit.
Having Ermoupoli as its capital, is one of the most beautiful and live islands of the Cyclades. There are many things to visit, see and do at any time of the year. One thing’s sure: you will have a great time! Read more >>
A beloved “secret” Athenian bar, Tziz!
Wandering at Exarcheia and Kolonaki street, we came across one the most successful and cozy places to visit in either is day or night, wither or summer. Tziz is must-visit place, the place that you will fall in love with. Read more >>
7 ways to waking-up healthy and full of energy!
You think that you’re ready to begin your day only after drinking coffee, but this is far from real. It is only after adopting a healthy daily routine that you’ll be able to be full of energy during the day. Read more >>
Athens’s best cheese pie!
There exist shops in Athens that seem being there forever. Mam, situated at the corner of Stadiou and Pesmazoglou street, is one of them. It is so tiny a shop that it is possible that you won’t notice it, if you’re not aware of its exact position or if you haven’t ever heard of it. Read more >>