A local reference point

Korpi water is renowned for its quality characteristics since the dawn of the 20th century. It origins from Akarnanian mountains, precisely from the well-known Korpi area, a completely natural and protected territory, where the combination of the rich spring and ground waters set the right conditions for many mineral to be appeared by the passing of time. The waters of Etoloakarnania have been considered to be a treasure of our country for decades, while every year hundreds of visitors flood the area not only because of its springs but also for visiting the site.

Balanced composition

Mainly due to its origin, Korpi water is ideally balanced in trace elements, such as:
Sodium: low levels of sodium
Salts: low levels of salts

Bottling process

Our company’s expertise guarantees a safe bottling process for Korpi Natural and Mineral water. In the Korpi factory (member of Nestlé waters, Number 1 company in water bottling worldwide) we can assure you 100% that our products meet not only our high standards but also our clients’ expectations. Here, every single rule is strictly followed during both the raw materials’ control and the final steps of the procedure.

Scientific support

Nestlé waters has developed remarkable knowledge and experience regarding quality and innovative issues in a worldwide scale, as well as continuous research through its laboratories. That is why Korpi products are innovative and original, while, in the meantime, the increasing clients’ demand for sustainable development find an enthusiastic response from our side.


Chemical analysis Insitute of Geology and Mineral Exploration 18/03/2021 pH 7,4
CONDUCTIVITY 490 μS/cm (25oC) 
DRY RESIDUE 260mg/L (180οC)

CATIONS (mg/l)
CATIONS Ca++ (mg/L) 96,8mg/lit
CATIONS Mg++ (mg/L) 3,7mg/lit
CATIONS Na+ (mg/L) 4,3mg/lit
CATIONS K+ (mg/L) 0,62mg/lit
CATIONS NH4+ (mg/L) <0,05mg/lit

ANIONS (mg/l)
ANIONS HC03 302,4mg/lit
ANIONS CL 9,0mg/lit
ANIONS SO4 <5,0mg/lit
ANIONS N03 7,28mg/lit
ANIONS N02 <0,05mg/lit


The company

The factory of Korpi is situated near Vonitsa, at Monastiraki of Etoloakarnania, and aims at transporting you Korpi Natural and Mineral water in the purest means.

The factory, which is considered to be one of the most modern ones in Europe, is located in a distant area, away from big cities; therefore, it is completely free of urban waste. Having totally stainless water net and continuously microbial controlled bottlers- which are under temperature and humidity control, using always the newest technologies and automatism- with fast production lines and bottling, the factory is a guarantee for the excellent quality of Korpi Natural and Mineral Water.