1. What is the difference between Natural Mineral water, Table water and tap water?

Natural Mineral water is offered as given by nature itself, without any further treatment. It is only naturally filtered while passing through soil. During the year its content is controlled and stable, that ensures its high quality. It is also named 'Mineral water' because of its composition; it is rich in minerals and trace elements, that contribute to human's well-being.

On the contrary, tap water is the ground water gathered in artificial basins. It goes through special treatment such as fluorine, adding or removing salts and/or other chemicals, so as to have the quality demanded.

Table water is the ground or underground water that goes through photochemical processing, so as the unwanted traces to be removed.


2. Which is the origin of Korpi Natural and Mineral water?

Korpi Natural and Mineral water origins from an area rich in high quality waters, that more than 100 years is contributing to its visitors well-being. Its secret is its origin, the Akarnanian mountains, isolated from any pollution, fertilisers or pesticides. It is bottled there, with the most modern means and always in accordance with every standard of the European Union.


3. Does bottled water expire?

Usually, it is recommended that bottled water should be consumed 'fresh'. Our company suggests that simple water is to be consumed within a year after the bottling date, while sparkling water within 2 years.


4. What is the material of korpi bottles?

Korpi bottles are made of PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate), the best material for bottling water. The rest glass bottles are made of glass.


5. What is the special quality characteristics of Korpi water, compared to other bottled waters?

Korpi is a Natural and Mineral water, with low salt content. It is ideal for a low sodium diet.


6. What is the opinion of Korpi company regarding recycling?

Every packaging of Korpi products is 100% recyclable. Korpi follows strictly the greek legislation, paying its legal foreseen share to the Recycling Organisation. This money is used for the appropriate waste management.

7. Where do we find the expiration date?

The expiration date is written in white letters between the label and the bottle tap.


8. How do we store water properly?

Water must be stored in a cool place (about 18oC) , away from sunlight. You will find this info on the bottles as well.


9. Both plastic and glass Korpi bottles can be recycled?



10. Can I return the glass bottles of Korpi?

No. Our factory lacks in the right equipment that would allow their cleaning so as to be reused.